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Doctor's Desk


Seven Year Medical Society

Our purpose is to foster unity and increase awareness of the seven-year medical program at The College of New Jersey.

What we Do...

Welcome Freshmen

From hosting an accepted students day to answering questions to prospective admits, we'd love to welcome you.

Host Events

AZ SYMS hosts events during and at the end of the year, culminating in a formal sending off juniors to medical school.

Increase Awareness

The SYMS helps out at various events that TCNJ hosts such as open houses to advertise the 7-year program.

Alumni Services

Learn more about our alumni network and how to get involved with the seven-year medical society!

Our Latest Events...

Virtual Alumni Panel

AZ SYMS hosts a panel on Zoom of esteemed alumni to give advice as well as to recount their experiences at TCNJ and beyond.

Wine & Dessert Party

Big Little Reveal

AZ SYMS hosts a scavenger hunt and then reveals the Big/Little Pairings of the society.

Wine & Dessert Party



"The seven-year medical program at TCNJ has allowed me to make the most of my undergraduate experience. I love that I have the flexibility to explore other interests by participating in interesting clubs like Model UN and Amnesty, pursuing a minor, and also studying abroad! By guaranteeing my acceptance in NJMS, the program has allowed me to pursue meaningful experiences that relate to my field of study and also experiences outside of the medical field that I may not have been able to have otherwise! Dr. Shevlin is an incredible advisor and he always encourages us to seek cool and unique opportunities!"


—  Usha Trivedi, Sophomore majoring in Biology at TCNJ

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