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Membership and Vision

Membership is extended, but not limited, to students in the seven-year medical program who will attend New Jersey Medical School. No formal application is necessary and anyone can join at any time throughout the academic year. In addition, the Freshman Orientation committee will be open to all volunteers with the purpose of organizing program information and answering any questions about the goals of the seven-year medical program. The committee will also be responsible for heading the Freshman Orientation Weekend for students accepted to the seven-year medical program, which is one of our responsibilities as a society. Our program is very inclined towards physician-leaders, as attested to by our highly successful alumni. For almost over 25 years, we've been cultivating a strong passion for medicine and would love for others to join us.

Events and Fundraisers

Events organized by Alpha Zeta seek to inform TCNJ students about pathways in medicine and strengthen camaraderie between peers. Speaker events, alumni panels, and the Healthcare Hackathons hosted by Alpha Zeta provide students with valuable insight on possible careers within medicine and opportunities they can pursue to assist them in attaining their eventual goals. Social events, such as the Alpha Zeta formal, Alpha Zeta Gift Exchange, and Accepted Students Day, are hosted to allow our organization to build long-lasting relationships, while also motivating students to build their leadership and social skills, contributing to our overarching vision of creating physician-leaders with a strong passion for medicine.

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